Garage Floor Coating of Western Colorado

Garage Floor Coating of Western Colorado

Proud Partners

Looking for a professionally coated garage floor that will last?  We are a proud partner with Garage Floor Coating of Western Colorado.  These guys have been coating garage floors in Western Colorado since 2010.  Their experienced and knowledgeable professionals have the floor coating process down to a science.  


About Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating offers the highest end commercial grade garage floor coatings on the market today. Let us amaze you with what your garage can become and turn your garage into the talk of the neighborhood.  We offer the best solution for your garage floor coating needs. Our customized garage floor coatings allow homeowners to choose from nearly limitless options in color, patterns and textures with our proprietary coating systems. The result? A room that’s finally worthy of the rest of the house. Don’t hesitate a free quote is just a phone call away.  Call Jake at 970-623-4405 to get started! 

Efficient Process

Easy Preparation


 Clear out your garage and temporarily store your goods in an enclosed trailer provided by Garage Floor Coating.  

Now Sit back and Relax while your Garage Transformation Begins


After your floor is professionally finished by Garage Floor Coating, Garage Storage Solutions will immediately install the Garage Cabinets of your choosing. 

Reap the Rewards of Your Smart Planning


Now move your goods directly into your new sleek and attractive garage cabinets, efficiently eliminating any wasted moves! 

Our Partners